The sugar in fruit (think fructose) VS the added sugar (think sugars that are added during the processing of foods)

Consuming fruit is consistently correlated with lower rates of diseases like diabetes and obesity. Influencers that claim fruit leads to weight gain are WRONG!

Yes, some fruits have a large content of natural sugars, called monosaccharides which are fructose and glucose, but they’re also high in components like fiber, antioxidants, vitamins, and phytochemicals – nutrients that are associated with good health and weight management.

Any studies suggesting harmful effects of fructose show an association between consumption of fructose found in sucrose, known as high-fructose corn syrup – not from actual fruit. When fruit is consumed in its whole form, for example an orange versus orange juice, there is no research showing it is harmful to health.

Fruit and Weight Loss

One study in adults found that those with the highest fruit consumption had lower rates of developing diabetes or dying from diabetes-related complications.

Another study showed that the consumption of whole fruit was associated with a reduced risk of long-term weight gain. Finally, a systematic review of 11 randomized controlled trials found that the majority of studies showed reductions in body weight as the result of increased fruit consumption.

So as you can see, the idea that eating too much or the wrong kind of fruit will make you gain weight is absolutely bananas.

I guarantee you that a few 90-calorie bananas aren’t to blame for our obesity crisis.

What’s more likely the problem?

The added sugar poured into our prepackaged food. Or possibly even the artificial sugars tricking our bodies into thinking we are getting calories and leaving us prone to binging later.

Eating several servings of fruit, a day is not harmful it is beneficial to our overall health. Experts recommend we eat 5-7 servings of fruits and vegetables per day.

I hope you can enjoy your berries, grapes, pears and whatever other fruit you love eating in peace.