A thick and creamy green smoothie full of healthy fats, protein, and nutrients important for overall skin health.

A new way to add to your skincare routine! This smoothie is full of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, specifically those for great skin, hair, and nail health. Not only are you nourishing your skin on a cellular level with this smoothie, but it’s also simple and tastes amazing!

This contains acai, kale, carrots, hemp seeds, spirulina, and plant-based protein powder the perfect ingredients for radiant skin. It’s rich in vitamins C, A, K, zinc, iron, protein (vegan-based protein powder), fiber, and healthy fats. The mixture of greens, fruit, protein, and healthy fats make this smoothie completely satisfying.

Beauty starts from within

A true statement on many levels, it truly does start from within. What we put in our bodies impacts our skin is. Whether it be dry, oily, aging quicker than you’d like, or glowing, soft and smooth; our lifestyle impacts our skin. This smoothie isn’t just for those of you interested in anti-aging or fighting the free radical damage that comes with the territory of daily living, but for anyone who has suffered from skin issues, or if you’re after that natural “glow”. Frequently researched are antioxidants as well as vitamins A and C, and essential omega-3-fatty acids are vital for skin health.



Vitamin A-rich Foods Make You Glow?

Researchers found that those who consume vitamin A rich foods, beta-carotene, were found to have a natural “glow”, literally made their skin glow with a natural golden hue from the beta-carotene.

This smoothie contains essential vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients vital for healthy skin. The acai and kale which are full of vitamin C, which is important to produce collagen, maintain skin integrity, and fights off damaging and aging free radicals. Carrots and kale are both high in vitamin A, which plays an important role in skin, hair, and nail health for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits.

The acai and hemp seeds both contain healthy fats which are vital for healthy hormonal production which leads to healthy hair, skin, and nails as well. Hemp seeds in particular, have omega-3 fatty acids alongside protein, iron, zinc, calcium and provides a feeling of fullness after eating due to the fiber.

If all of these powerful nutrients don’t convince you to add this kale smoothie to your beauty routine, I don’t know what will! Enjoy this for breakfast or as a snack. It’s great with half a frozen banana to give it a bit more carbohydrate and calorie content, always adjust it to your goals and needs.

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Carol Aguirre MS, RD/LDN