Weight Loss Stories

Real Women. Real Results.

“I would definitely recommend Carol to anyone! I decided to start working with her after I signed up for a half marathon. She is so nice and supportive! She has so much knowledge that she shares with you in an easy way to understand. She always got back to my questions quick and even helped me pick items to eat if I was going out. I have definitely changed my lifestyle and eating habits because of her! Thanks so much Carol!”


“Working with Carol has been amazing! Ever since my thyroid condition, I’ve found it impossible to lose any weight. I felt like I had tried everything with no success. I’m a picky eater and thought I knew how to eat properly, but I was wrong. I’ve learned so much about food from Carol in a short amount of time, and I’ve seen more results in the past 2 months than I’ve ever seen before. My energy levels have gone up with this new way of eating, and I’m excited to continue on my new lifestyle change and reach my goals. Carol is so helpful and really cares about her clients, and really caters her plans so that they work for each individual client. I’d recommend her to anyone!”


“I have been recommending Carol Aguirre to several individuals looking for a healthier lifestyle. Many of them are in my circle of yoga students or friends that are seeing an actual change in me–not just my outer appearance, but the food choices (the snacks I carry) and even changes to how I prepare my plate! One of my girlfriends couldn’t believe I was measuring out my potatoes the other day and said she was really impressed with how great my dinner looked. She was my Crossfit coach for years- we used to lift and brag about how much food we could put down and how heavy we could lift lol. Anyway, I told her that much to my surprise, with the guidance of Carol, the recommended serving size has been ample fuel for my body-I’m full but not stuffed! She is 100% doing a great job not only with 1 on 1 check-ins to discuss wins and struggles- but also, educationally with specific training that helps me explore what nutrition really is! It’s been an incredible journey and I’m learning so much and on the road to being the healthiest I’ve ever been in my life.”


“Carol is excellent and I highly recommend her if you are looking to make improvements to your health. She provided great insights and put me on the right path to reach my goals.”


“I already have recommended it to several friends! This has been the first time in my life I’ve been thoughtful about what I’m eating in terms of portions/combinations and has been incredibly helpful thus far.”


“I have been working with Carol for over 10 weeks and I cannot tell you how her program has changed my life. She is very knowledgeable and she is able to bring an individualized element to weight management that is missing from other programs. I lost weight on my own before, working with Carol I reached beyond that! Once I began following a personal lifestyle plan, I started seeing results. Not only have I been able to lose additional weight but I have developed lifestyle changes which will benefit me for the rest of my life. Thank you and I look forward to seeing you soon!”


Weight Loss Stories

Real Women. Real Results.

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