Soy is one of the most controversial foods for vegans and meat eaters alike. Is it good or bad for you? Read the facts here. But more specifically as a woman, you may be wondering if you should include it as part of your plant-based  diet. Let’s talk about myths, nutrition and end with one of my favorite and delicious recipes.

Should females include soy in their diet plan?

Soy is considered a “complete protein” because it contains all essential amino acids. Soy foods are also naturally cholesterol-free, low in saturated fat, and high in fiber; making it a great addition to your vegan weight loss nutrition plan. Soy has been studied extensively for its health effects and contrary to many myths, recent studies suggest that soy has either a beneficial or neutral effect on various health conditions.

Specifically good news for females – There is growing evidence that soy consumption reduces risk of hormone-related cancers such as breast, ovarian and prostate. This is because soy phytoestrogens act as SERMs (competitive inhibiters of estrogen)Phytoestrogens are hormone-like compounds found in all plants. They balance our hormones, support our immune systems, and prevent or ease the symptoms of menopause and osteoporosis!

Soy products have become the most popular source of Phyto-estrogens in North America. The time to increase your phytoestrogens is NOW! So my answer to the question: YES females should include soy in their diet.

tofu roast for dinner | simple vegan dinner recipe

My favorite TOFU dinner

Are you looking for the ultimate vegan dinner that isn’t complicated? I like to incorporate this Maple Glazed Tofu Roast into my dinner meal plan often but it also makes a great main dish for any holiday table! Not only is it delicious; this tofu roast is really easy to prepare and only needs 8 ingredients!

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By: Karina Patel Registered Dietitian Eligible

Reviewed by Carol Aguirre MS, RD/LDN