While every vegan babe’s protein needs are slightly different based on how much you weigh, how much weight you’re trying to lose, your exercise habits and even your age – the truth is you do require more protein for fat loss and 65-95 grams is not unrealistic for most women!
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4 High Protein Pumpkin Meals for Vegan Weight Loss this Fall

Ideally getting in roughly 20grams of high quality protein at every meal like tvp, lentil pasta, protein powders, greek style yogurt and even foods like justegg are easy ways to do this!

And since it is Fall and we all love pumpkin everything this time of year, here are my favorite high protein pumpkin meals for vegan weight loss. Not only is pumpkin tasty, you can’t forget about its heart-healthy fiber, positive influence on hair growth, potential reproductive health benefits, and ability to fit practically any diet.

protein pumpkin recipes | thevwn.com | vegan weigh loss
What are your go-to “pumpkin” season meals for fat loss?
Do you have motivation to tighten and tone your body but just aren’t sure what you should be eating because of how contradicting the internet makes healthy eating?

Let me show you exactly how to eat balanced meals and the right portion sizes for you along with easy recipes that will help you easily hit enough protein for fat loss!

If you are serious about reaching your healthy weight learning the Vegan Girl Method then Click to Apply  so you can get the education you need from a vegan Registered Dietitian (that’s me). I can teach you how to eat for fat loss and sustainable results.

For more on how to have successful weight loss on a nutrient-dense Vegan Diet, let’s connect!

Carol Aguirre MS, RD/LDN