Have you been tirelessly striving to shed those extra pounds, longing to reclaim your confidence and fit comfortably into your favorite attire? The key to unlocking this journey lies in mastering one fundamental aspect—putting your body into fat-burning mode.

Let’s dispel a common misconception right away: burning body fat isn’t about extreme dietary restrictions like avoiding bread, banning dining out, or exclusively consuming specific food groups. The truth is refreshingly straightforward: to effectively burn fat, you must prioritize balanced meals with appropriate portion sizes tailored for you.

You might already be familiar with this concept. Yet, the challenge often lies in execution:

  • Understanding the composition of balanced meals and snacks.
  • Learning meal planning strategies to feel satisfied.
  • Adapting these practices seamlessly, even during weekends or social outings.
  • Gaining insights and feedback on your dietary choices when progress seems elusive.

This is where I step in.

Allow me to introduce you to my 13-week Vegan Girl Method Program—a meticulously designed coaching initiative aimed at empowering you to understand precisely what impedes your progress toward your goals.

Weight loss might seem straightforward, but without a clear understanding of what to eat and a personalized strategy, desired results may remain elusive.

Moreover, let’s not overlook real-life scenarios. I refuse to advocate for a diet that bans indulgence or restrains you from savoring your favorite foods. Instead, my approach is rooted in guiding you toward weight loss while accommodating your lifestyle, addressing the root cause of your weight loss challenges.

Upon joining the program, your onboarding call becomes our launchpad to identify the precise portion sizes aligned with your fat loss objectives.

Your desire to shed those extra pounds isn’t a year-long aspiration—it’s an immediate quest for visible results. Hence, we swiftly equip you with a customized plan tailored to your goals, health status, exercise routines, and current dietary habits, ensuring you witness results in as little as two weeks.

In addition, you’ll have direct access to me, enabling a thorough review of your dietary choices and ensuring an inevitable path towards tangible progress.

Ready to embark on this transformative journey?

Apply here to see if you’re a good fit for the Vegan Girl Method Program!

Carol Aguirre MS, RD/LDN