Losing muscle is among the significant worries for women trying to lose fat. But this shouldn’t be a concern because your ability to burn fat and build muscle comes down to your daily diet and exercise habits.

Low-Intensity Cardio

With fat loss comes cardio training. If you lose weight without exercise, you’re more likely to lose both muscle and fat. However, knowing that the kind of cardio you do can maintain or destroy all your hard-earned muscle is crucial. So, it is recommended to complete “low-intensity” (low and easy methods) aerobic exercises such as walking on a treadmill at a small incline, an easy bike ride, swimming, or a light jog. You should be able to talk or sing while exercising.

Maintaining a leisurely pace will only use your Type I muscle fibers, which are extremely fatigue resistant, and promote more blood circulation to help clear lactic acid and metabolic waste.

Resistance Training

We all know that lifting weights can build up our muscles. But according to, weight training may also shrink fat, according to a 2021 study– resistance training may also shrink fat! The results add to multiple scientific evidence that resistance training has unique benefits for fat loss.

Eat More Lean Protein

Proteins help promote the immune system, boost energy levels, promote digestive health, and regulate fluid balance. These nutrients are also vital for muscle growth. So don’t skimp on protein consumption!   Lean protein sources think high protein tofu, seitan, Textured vegetable protein (they also have pea versions), or Legume pasta.

Maintain Only a Moderate Caloric Deficit

Crash diets and extreme calorie reduction (think 1200 calories or less) will cause muscle loss no matter what you do. It’s far too extreme on the body and won’t give your body enough nutrients to heal and recover. Learn more about your metabolism to understand why you should avoid this approach. 


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Carol Aguirre MS, RD/LDN