With more frequent cookouts, vacations, and ice cream with the kids, summertime can create havoc on your healthy diet plan.

We know what we should and need to eat, but then the brain is so all-powerful, and it takes over. The reality is, eating healthy can be challenging. Cravings are entirely normal when trying to cut back on sweets, processed carbohydrates, and other junk food that doesn’t support your healthy living goals.

When you have a food craving, you should practice asking yourself if your body is telling you it needs something or if your mind wants something.

This summer, focus on habits that make you want to reach for the veggie wrap, the baked sweet potato, and the avocado mousse while leaving the junk food behind.

Four tips that help fight off junk food cravings all summer

  1. Eat enough protein
    Following a consistent eating pattern emphasizing protein will keep you feeling full, making it easier to beat those unhealthy, sugar-filled cravings.
  2. Stay hydrated
    Having a craving doesn’t always mean you’re hungry–but it could very often say you’re thirsty. Staying hydrated is critical for keeping your digestion, metabolism, and all major body systems running smoothly–not to mention it’s hugely helpful when it comes to fat loss! So have a refillable water bottle close by at all times.
  3. Get enough sleep
    A study by the University of Chicago suggests that sleep loss boosts hunger and unhealthy food choices. If you don’t sleep enough, the presence of a hormone known as ghrelin (a known appetite trigger) will rise by 30%. At the same time, the hormone leptin (which signals satiety) will drop by 18%.
  4. Enjoy your favorite foods!
    Nobody is perfect, so don’t feel pressured into being perfect with your diet. Instead, find a good balance. You can still enjoy your FAV foods but try to build the bulk of your diet around healthy whole foods.


But the first step you need to take to fight off your junk food cravings is establishing some health goals. You’ll never completely eliminate cravings, but you can learn to manage them better.

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Carol Aguirre MS, RD/LDN