These easy to make Vegan Banana Apple muffins use ripe banana, shredded apples and nut butter, if desired add in raisins or walnuts or vegan chocolate chips. These Vegan Banana Apple muffins use no sugar instead use the sweetness from the ripe bananas and have no added oil- alternatively uses nut butter to help with the moisture.

A trick to get the most banana flavor is to let your bananas get very, very ripe. Let them get almost completely brown. This develops the most complex and intense banana flavor.

You can add chopped apple instead for chunkier pieces. Make it with buckwheat flour and white wheat pastry flour or half whole grain + unbleached white.

These muffins need only need one bowl. Whisk in the dry ingredients. Blend up the banana with plant based milk. No banana chunks, no mashing needed. Add in the apple and nuts. Bake, cool and enjoy!

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Carol Aguirre